Heelys Worldwide x Coachella 2018

Heelys Worldwide x Coachella 2018

I found myself on April 12 with a lots of excitement  and so many mix feelings, you might ask yourself why? A brand new adventure awaits with none other than my ultimate Heelys Crew (@heelysworldwide) we’re taking off on the road trip of our life to join the most epic crowd of creative minds in Indio California where the biggest festival of the year takes place. “Coachella” though the following photojournalism editorial series you will find how much fun we had during all the creative happenings surrounding the festival from most amazing parties during day to hanging out with the likes of Kylie Jenner, post Malone and Diplo just to name drop a few haha but you get the point.

The whole crew is finally in Palm Springs, California and can’t enough how amazing they’re by far my best Coachella crew and on top of that they’re all so pretty to look at. once again I get to be with one of my best friends Maria Cartaya (@m.cartaya) and a newbie in our group Ben Esqueda (@benporfavor) all good vibes indeed with a whole group of friends who love each other and one of the best brands in the world HEELYS (@heelysworldwide) because not many brands can’t put together so much happiness into one weekend and c’mon who doesn’t love heelys? I DO.

Coachella can be overwhelming, no matter how many times you’ve been. Before you go, figure out your transportation situation, figure out which sets you cannot miss and pick a rendezvous point with your friends so you know where to go to find them when you inevitably get separated. But that wasn’t the case for us the whole crew was so on point we head off to our first business meeting the UGG party at a mega mansion in the desert… we’re all rocking retro/vibes with our heelys bring that 198o’s nostalgia to the crowd loving every minute of the day in a very hot desert day….. u get me???


Now let me tell you about the sickest party of the night for our Friday none other the Poppy hosted by Kylie Jenner akk the queen of social media + she’s part of the most talked about family of the century. some how the Heely’s crew manage to get all of the 16 people in our squad to be part of the VIP squad we got to hangout with Diplo, Post Molone and guess what??? one we were dancing next to RIRI + Gigi Hadid and her sister crazy right? I can’t really put into words how crazy the whole vibe was  for us and our entire crew was all vibes with each other we even got to share our love for Heelys with the Chainsmokers the most famous Djs of the moment so many moment I could go on for days with you guys. (PS Click on the image below to take you behind our highlight of the night with Kylie brought Diplo out with the entire entourage to Play for the crowd)

Let’s talk about our second of day full of events but more importantly the 2 major parties of the day were Republic Records where we got to hangout with major industry people basically make you look like 1million dollars if you have some sorta voice and love to sign unfortunately for us none of can’t sign hahaha but you guys already now that we can’t be talented at everything… regardless we decided to put things in motion and head over to the most beautiful place on earth of the entire Coachella events I’m serious guys unreal beauty we got to hang out and have our on table during the event as part of their creators connect and hang out with the likes of our dear friend Jack Griffpo who currently starts in a hit show on Netflix for a younger audience call Alex and Katie don’t forget to watch his show is so precious I’m sure your little brothers or entire family would love it.

Now the you get to see how crazy and beautiful  our entire crew of creative individuals including our girls were at the Republic Records Party.. I can tell you about the biggest party of the Year at Coachella “Neon Carnival” by the hardest party to get into thousands of people outside trying to get in to catch glimpse of all the A-list celebrities attending the mother all of parties during the festival… Serge (@sergejohnson) one of our content creators and the master mind behind all the beautiful photos you see in this post decided to rock out with me our favorite Heelys they fit so perfectly with the amount crazy things we were about to embrace… I love how at least 30 or so beautiful humans stops us to take photos with us because they couldn’t believe their eyes “Yes people get with Heelys” they’re making the coolest shoes for ages and they’re getting better and better.. but enough talking click bellow and take a look at all the highlights I put together of that night.

The final day of Coachella Sunday = Fun Day with our lovely Heelys Crew we relax by our pool during the majority of the day to sorta get our energy back from the previous night (don’t tell anyone but Neon usually goes until sunrise) anyways after hanging out our house we head off to Revolve the most fun and celebrity driven party for Sunday during the festival sadly they didn’t let us bring our equipment  into the party.. that’s another thing the security for 2018 Coachella was beyond cruel.. but not to worry we did manage to get the most amazing content and even got to hangout that afternoon with all the horses and animals of the estate.. I got to rock the most comfortable Heelys ever made and made a cameo on Serge recap video of the entire Coachella experience can’t wait for all of you too see..

Normally you would go to a music festival with a group of friends and you can be sure you will have an amazing time. Is not just about sharing the experience of your favourite musician or band is the road trip, the house or  sleeping under the stars, playing the guitar before you go to bed, get up together to the sound of music, in other words you’re living your best life. 

Now stop for a minute and think really hard about the word “Heelys” what’s the first thing the comes to your mind? Happiness right? Well that’s exactly how felt with my entire Coachella family 3 days of pure fun and joy. People see the festival as a moment of escape and liberation, a place where you can be completely who you want to be and you are free to express yourself.. Heelys def. allows you to embrace your happiness to the fullest and for the first time in 5 years of me consistently attending Coachella I can honestly tell each and everyone of you how happy I am got to work with an amazing brand and such beautiful of group of people. 
On that note I know some of you have asked me through social media about the brand and the shoes my entire squad was wearing during the festival I will list everything bellow for you guys. 
Merch to buy or check out at:
Can’t thank you enough for all the support and feel free to send me message through my social @danielbetan if you have any questions about the brand or in General.
Have wonderful week. – DB xoxo









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